The Real Reasons Why Auction Clearance Rates are So Low

We think it’s fair to say that most of what the media reports about economy is doom and gloom, as that ‘sells papers’.  However, we want to reassure you that at least from our perspective, it’s not the case at all. 
For example, auction clearance rates are reported as being fairly low, but it is NOT because people are desperate to sell.
It’s because sellers have a figure in mind, and the figures they are getting from buyers, who assume they are desperate, are ridiculous.  Owners are simply showing that they are prepared to hold out (and have the financial capacity to do so) until buyers become more realistic.
Another reason is the quality of stock on the market. Wealthy or financially savvy people are essentially saying, ‘I’m not going to even bother listing one of our properties on the market now.’ Of course, this is not what the papers are reporting!


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