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HomeSec Business Finance is a privately funded business finance company, specialising in funding short term business loans, or otherwise known as short term caveat loans or private 2nd mortgages.


Our core business product (short term caveat loans) is about lending funds to small business people, builders, developers, etc, who need access to cleared funds within 24 hours.


Our National Operations Office is based in Melbourne, with legal offices in every state & territory in Australia… enabling us to settle loans anywhere in Australia and New Zealand. In most cases, we issue Letters of Offer (approvals) to clients or their broker within 2 working hours of having received their completed application.


Once we have received the signed Letter of Offer back by fax or email, along with any supporting documents that may have been requested, we have legal documents ready within 4 to 5 working hours, and depending on the speed of the client, we can generally settle within 24 hours.



These are loans which are designed to settle within 24 hours of receiving your applications. We do not base approvals on the applicants income or credit history… we simply look at the equity in the real estate being offered as security, the loan purpose (as it has to be for business or commercial investment purposes), and the Exit Strategy.


* CASH FLOW CRISIS. We had a plastering firm who had secured a big job, and to secure the big job the director gave 90 day terms to the project builder. The plasterer had 13 other plasterers on site working for him, and at around day 40 of 90, he ran out of money to pay wages. It was a union controlled site, so if no wages were paid, apart from having
upset employees, they would be kicked off site. Payday was a Friday and he came to us on a Thursday. We loaned him $65000 for 2 months, and secured the debt against his house in Kew. In 2 months time, he paid us back when he got paid for the job. OUTCOME: We saved his bacon.

* MAXIMISE PROFITS. We have recently funded a doctor who needed access to $450,000 to buy medical equipment. The money he would have otherwise had to pay for this new consignment was not yet due and payable from the companies who he had sold his last consignment to. This new consignment would see him make 300% markup inside 2 months, so to pay 4% per month to get immediate access to the funds for 2 months was a small price to pay in order to make a large profit. We will get paid back from the realized income from the sale of either consignment one or two, or from a refinance of his property
portfolio… whichever occurs first.

* OPPORTUNITY TOO GOOD TO MISS. We have had a variety of importers and retailers who have got onto a shipment of goods that they can buy off price if they pay cash in the next few days. These goods are not stolen. It is a straight forward commercial transaction where a manufacturer wants to clear old stock at a dramatically reduced price. When a retailer or importer can make 200% mark up or more as a result of getting their hands on this stock, paying 4% a month for 2 months in order to get the money in 24 hours makes good business sense…. Rather than miss out on the deal, and the profits.

* CONSOLIDATION. We have many property investors who for one reason or another have fallen behind in their repayments. In order to refinance at a competitive rate, they need to bring their mortgage/s up to date. This is where we come in. As long as there is enough equity in the security properties, we will not be concerned about the fact that their first mortgage is in arrears…..However we will pay the funds directly to the first mortgagee to bring the loan up to date. (in these cases we do not advance the funds to the borrower) Often the client may have left things until the last minute, and situation is that critical that the first mortgagee is ready to send the sheriff around to evict. This is where the need for fast service is paramount.


They could need access to funds in 24 hours to….

1. Pay off an overlooked or overdue tax debt

2. Fund a short fall on a commercial property settlement

3. Provide urgent cash flow due to an unexpected downturn

4. An urgent advance on a pending refinance or property sale

We will lend for any worthwhile business or commercial investment purpose, as long as there is enough equity in the property (our max LVR is 75%), and as long as there is an Exit Strategy. (i.e.: sale of the property, refinance, or payment from a trade debtor, etc)


Basically it comes down to speed, and in many cases, lack of financial records. If the borrower can wait 2 months, the bank can maybe refinance them. If the borrower can wait 4 weeks, AND THEY HAVE FINANCIALS SHOWING GOOD CASHFLOW AND PROFIT RESULTS, they may get an overdraft or business loan.

However if you need cash TOMORROW, they come to us.

Still not convinced??? Then ask yourself…. if I needed access to a large sum of money by tomorrow (leaving out rich uncles, etc), how would you get it?


SPEED. We are virtually the only short term lender who CAN physically settle within 24 hours. Many say they can, but their business practices and lack of resources makes it impossible.

SERVICE. We issue letters of offers on approved loans within 2 working hours, and legal contracts within 5 working hours once the offer has been accepted by the borrower. We don’t require valuations, A&L statements, financial records, etc. Plus, our staff keep the clients and brokers in the loop at every stage of the 24 hour process.

INNOVATIVE PRACTICES. We email our loan contracts, rather than the 20th Century way of posting them, which could take 2 – 3 days to arrive. In addition, we settle by Telegraphic Transfer… not by cheque or internet transfer. This means the money hits the borrowers account as cleared funds within 2 working hours.

WE ARE THE LENDER. As we hold the funds that we lend out, we don’t have to go off and broker the deals to investors or other

BEWARE OF LARGE UP FRONT FEE’S. All lenders do charge a modest upfront fee of less than $500 to cover their costs of assessing new loan applications. However some short term business lenders promise the world, then ask for thousands upon thousands of dollars up front. These kind of up front fee’s are simply not warranted, and borrowers should be wary of such lenders. If they approve a loan and then want thousands of dollars paid into their account up front, be very careful as many borrowers end up thousands of dollars out of pocket, and with no loan.


ASTLA is the Short Term& Bridging Finance Association, of which HomeSec is proud to be a founding member. The role of the ASTLA is to self regulate the short term finance industry to ensure the highest standard of disclosure & professionalism by it’s members. Only genuine lenders who operate genuine finance companies may become members of ASTLA, and all must
adhere with a strict Code of Conduct. For your peace of mind when borrowing money short term, ONLY deal with an accredited member of ASTLA

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