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HomeSec Business Finance is a privately funded business finance company, specialising in funding short term business loans, or otherwise known as short term caveat loans or private 2nd mortgages. Our core business product (short term caveat loans) is about lending funds to small business people, builders, developers, etc, who need access to cleared funds within 24 hours. Our National Operations Office is based in Melbourne, with legal offices in every state & territory in Australia… enabling us to settle loans anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

Proudly Funding Businesses in 24 Hours,
since 2004

Our Product

Short Term Business Loans (1 to 6 months)


• HomeSec Business Finance lends anywhere between $20,000 to $2,000,000. (larger amounts considered upon request), and HomeSec Business Finance settle short term Business Loans in just 24 hours most cases…. in all states of Australia, and New Zealand.


• Loans must be secured against real estate. (we lodge a caveat at settlement to secure our loan) Loan terms can be from 1 month to 6 months.


• The interest, legal fee and establishment fee, & broker fee (if applicable) are all be capitalised into the loan.


• We don’t require sworn valuations or financials, and the borrowers Credit History is irrelevant. The borrower needs to have an “exit strategy”, which is generally refinance, cashflow, or the sale of the property, or other assets.



In most cases, we issue Letters of Offer (approvals) to clients or their broker within 2 working hours of having received their completed application. Once we have received the signed Letter of Offer back by fax or email, along with any supporting documents that may have been requested, we have legal documents ready within 4 to 5 working hours, and depending on the speed of the client, we can generally settle within 24 hours.

In addition, we keep the client & broker informed at every stage, And we pay brokerage within 24 hours of settlement^. (^If a broker is acting for the borrower)


Whilst we happily deal direct with the public every day, we also receive a lot of loan applications via accountants, solicitors, and finance brokers. In this case, the client remains the brokers client NOT HomeSec’s client.


Many short term lenders base their operational practices on what they want to happen and when they want it to happen…. not what the broker or client wants.

We believe that brokers and clients want genuine speed, simplicity, transparency, and a company that does what it says it will do. We know from market research and feedback, that many short term business lenders make bold promises, but in reality they are slow, and have complex and disorganised procedures which change from day to day.


The majority of short term lenders are effectively brokers or middle men acting for wealthy individuals. This is a slow and uncertain process, as the ‘lender’ has to shop each deal to his investors in the hope that one will fund it. At HomeSec, we use our OWN funds, so the staff in the office make the decisions. Conditional approval can generally be given over the phone.


In a section of the finance industry which has occasionally been riddled with cowboys and crooks, we have gone out of our way to set ourselves apart from the others, and to be open and transparent. Freely advertising our office address (not just a PO Box) is just one example. At HomeSec Business Finance, we pride ourselves on being courteous and understanding. Short Term Business Lending is the high stress end of the finance industry, and we understand that clients in particular are quite often not their usual happy selves. HomeSec Business Finance is very protective of it’s good name in the market place, and we go out of our way to meet peoples expectations, without promising something that we simply can’t deliver.


The Australian Short Term Lenders Association is a self regulating governing body for Short Term Business Lenders across Australia. Myself, along with four other major short term lenders band together in 2010 to found ASTLA. The role of the association is to ensure members act in accordance with a Code of Conduct, and to assist Government in common sense regulation of this end of the finance market to ensure only professional & ethical lenders remain. Membership is open to all short term business lenders who are able to meet the high standards and tough entry criteria of the Association. We strongly recommend borrowers only deal with members of ASTLA, of which HomeSec Business Finance is proud to be one of those members.

Our Fantastic Team

HomeSec Business Finance Pty Ltd is a privately funded finance company, specialising in funding short term caveat loans. Our core business product (short term caveat loans) is lending funds to small business people and investors who need access to cleared funds the same day, or within 24 – 48 hours. Our National Operations Office is based in Melbourne, & with legal agents in every state & territory in Australia… enabling us to settle loans anywhere in Australia.

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